Wash. Deputy Dies After Surgery From Assault


A Pierce County Sheriff’s deputy died Thursday night, less than 24 hours after undergoing surgery for an injury he suffered after being assaulted on the job.

Shandon Wright, 29, had been with the force for five years.

KIRO 7 news partner The News Tribune reported that the injury — a dislocated shoulder — was related to an assault.

Roughly, 50 off-duty deputies responded to Shandon Wright’s South Hill home after hearing that paramedics was called to check on the man’s condition. The deputy was home with his wife and 2-year-old daughter when he began having trouble breathing.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement:

“In the last two years our law enforcement family has seen far too much loss. Today we lost an excellent young Deputy, Shandon Wright. He served with us for only five years but he served this community with strength and intelligence and heart.

“He was recovering from recent surgery to repair a duty- related injury and began to have trouble breathing. We thought he would be serving with us for many years. But today we lost him. This young man’s life revolved around his family and his sense of duty to the community. We honor him and we will miss him terribly.

“When people take risks with one another and take risks for a wider community, there is a special bond that forms. People who serve in the military know this. People who serve as first responders also know this. We should all feel a sense of loss when someone who take risks for us and serves on our behalf is lost.”



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