Psalms 91 Testimonial books

Two life changing books on Psalms 91.  Enjoy either book or both.

Find Protection for you and or your family from Your Greatest Fears. Do the latest statistics on cancer, heart disease, or other life-threatening illnesses send a chill down your spine? Do thoughts of terrorist attacks and chemical warfare cause your heart to skip a beat? What about natural disasters that are striking in unexpected places? Do you sometimes wonder if there is any safe place in the world to hide? This book can be one of the most important messages you will ever read. (Blue Book about Psalms 91)


Military Version of Psalms 91 is Foreword By Lt. Carey Cash, IRAQ Chaplain. Psalm 91 is a comprehensive look at the only place in the Bible where all of  the protection promises are brought together in one collection. The author is a veteran Bible teacher, will take you through the psalm verse-by-verse, explaining in detail God’s promises of protection from every evil known to man, your faith will soar through reading testimonies from legendary author Corrie ten Boom, actor Jimmy Stewart, survivors of Nazi and Japanese POW camps, law enforcement officers, and military accounts documented from the Civil War to the present war in Iraq. (Tan book about Psalms 91).




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