Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome (Disorder) is becoming an Epidemic

We are facing an epidemic caused by post-traumatic stress. Society is finally realizing that those that are involved in the military or law enforcement need to have critical incident stress debriefing’s after every event there involved in. If they do not get these critical incident stress management debriefings. It leads to post-traumatic stress syndrome. It’s time that all law enforcement, firefighters and military properly budget so they can have this service offered on a regular basis.

I am saddened to see in the news disaster events that happen because post-traumatic stress is not caught early.

(Texas)—As investigations into Wednesday’s deadly shooting at Ft. Hood army base in Texas continue, reports are surfacing that the shooter was being treated for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. (Photo via FOX News)

Wednesday’s shooter was identified as 34-year-old Army Spc. Ivan Lopez, who was an Iraq War veteran. He was also married and had a family.

Lopez opened fire on the base Wednesday afternoon, killing three, wounding 16 and finally turning the gun on himself when confronted.

The shooting brought back memories of the mass attack by Nidal Hassan in 2009 at Ft. Hood, when the self-proclaimed “soldier of allah” shot and killed 13 on the base, and injured over 30 others. Hassan received the death sentence last August.

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