Today I took my wife’s Kia Soul to the car dealership for two reasons. (1) To have the car physical inspected for any problems that might occur when traveling to St. Simon Island in Georgia and have the oil changed. I always keep our cars in top shape and oil changed. Because of that I have 180,000 miles on our Kia Sedona van and it runs great. In Georgia we will be attending the International Conference of Police Chaplains regional training. This is when Chaplains from 8 states come together. Personally, I am looking forward to the Regional 8 State training. (2) To have the dealership give the car an Eco Wash. Think about this…. If I do this for a ‘Soul’ car what about my personal spiritual life. We should always examine our personal life (our Soul) and keep it tuned up with God. The last thing I will want is to have a spiritual break down. Plus as I keep the car washed we should always attempt to keep ourselves groomed and properly dressed for all occasions. As I am writing this article the service attendant informed me the oil was changed and the car checks out. BUT I need a new battery, it is getting weak. Today, it is 39 degrees here in Lakeland and colder in Georgia. I do not want to break down in Georgia so I will replace the battery.

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