Prayer Force

Jesus teaches the purpose and persistence of prayer. God is not like the reluctant neighbor who doesn’t want to help you in a time of need. The ironies of prayer are evident: God knows our needs, yet we must ask; God is ready to answer, yet we must patiently persist in prayer and praise.

Read this testimony:

Mike – I just want you to know that I got a copy of the PRAISE book in November and was so deeply blessed by it! I took it home when I went to visit my Mom in NJ this past Christmas. I put it in my suitcase…and I gave it to her on one of the first days I was visiting her over the holidays.

My Mom is a very wonderful Christmas lady in her 80s. She’s been a believer since she was in her teens…and has been a great role-model for me! My Dad, who also was a wonderful, godly man, passed away about 4 years ago, after battling Parkinson’s Disease for several years. Since my Dad passed away, Mom has felt a bit lost, displaced, and without a “ministry.” She is a retired public school teacher, but, also was a Sunday School superintendent in her small A/G church, always taught SS, VBS, served as a deaconess, and did pretty much whatever they needed of her. While Dad was sick, and before that, when our elderly grandparents lived in our home, she always had someone to care for…and had a real “purpose!”  Now that she’s home alone a lot, she has felt, in her words, “insignificant.”

I try to call Mom every work day, as I drive in to work…just to let her know that I am thinking of her….and to check up on her. Almost every day, she tells me something about reading that book…and how much it blesses her. In fact, she recently asked me to get a second copy for her – so she can give it to her “Secret Sister” in her church! What a blessing that book has been! I’m so glad I “passed it on!” Thanks for sharing it with us!     Joyce

If you have a need of any kind – be it physical, mental, social or spiritual, email your prayer need to Chaplain Michael Zarle

All needs will be held in strictest confidence – meaning that nothing will be shared with anyone, not your family, friends or department. You choose how much or how little to share – just know that whatever is shared is CONFIDENTIAL!

If it is urgent in nature, such as an officer-involved shooting, or whatever, you may call Chaplain Michael Zarle at (863-698-1240) cell.

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