Imparting a Blessing

Prayer is one of the most powerful yet least done in the Christian life. Prayer is the main way on how we communicate with God. How we praise Him and how we petition Him for whatever needs we have. Christian believers should be praying over their families every day. When Sheila and I were first married we didn’t pray together but we pray up a storm in church. Then one day a couple in our church begin to teach us some marriage principles and ‘Praying Together’ is a major principle. It has changed our life. What I want to focus on, is not only praying together as a family important but praying a blessing upon your family. Satan is doing everything in his power to cut the children off from the parents and bring division in the home but most of all keeping the children from the blessings of God. But Satan’s efforts will fall short again and again as parents who are educated in God’s plan for the imparting of the blessings we learned in daily life. You need to expect God’s favor to rest upon your children and your spouse. The patriarchs of the Old Testament went to great lengths to impart blessings upon their children. Today many Jewish fathers have continued in the tradition of speaking a special blessing over their children weekly. Their children have enjoyed the benefit of such a blessing. Unfortunately, the church has for the most part failed to develop serious practices of blessing children. I believe that Satan has distracted pastors and parents from these responsibilities and has them ignorant of the power resting in praying a blessings on the family. As studied in the New Testament Jesus too saw the merit in speaking blessings over those he loved. Luke 24:50-51 details how Jesus led his to his followers out to Bethany and he lifted his hands and blessed them. We need to make sure that we are imparting a blessing upon our children and spouse as we pray for them. I pray Psalms 91 over my wife every morning before she leaves the work.

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