Because I am a part of the International Conference of Police Chaplain’s Disaster Relief Team and the Assembly of God disasters teams, I was asked to help the relief efforts in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and now various other disasters throughout the US. The fierce tornadoes ripped through their town and the surrounding area, over 500 businesses and 5000 homes were destroyed.  The deceased body count rises daily (mostly children).  I was informed that receipts, family pictures, mail and human parts are being found as far as central TN. The people in Tuscaloosa are overwhelmed with grieving hurt. We now see other areas devastated by powerful tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fire, etc.

There are some great organizations like American Red Cross, Convoy of Hope and Samaritan’s Purse helping to feed the public. Chaplains make up an important team to minister specifically to the thousands of hurting city employees, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, EMS personnel, Dispatchers and the community.

An urgent accountable disaster relief account has been set up for me to travel. bring materials, supplies and help. When possible we stay with law enforcement personnel or fire fighters in their homes.  It is important you respond ASAP.

For instant giving go to my website https://chaplaincyusa.org/giving/ then click on the one-time giving. It will take you to a secure donation site. Any donation amount ($10, 20,100) is appreciated and urgently needed. Then, in the comment section please comment it is for the Zarle Chaplain Disaster Relief Account.


By phone – secured and toll-free at 877-840-4800.

Use my US Missions Account #2204477 (50).

All gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.

I greatly appreciate your kind help and I know the people in these disasters will appreciate it too. Please send me a private message that you have contributed. Thank you!


Chaplain Michael W. Zarle


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